09 February 2009

Texas Applied Mathematics Meeting for Students: March 27-28th

I've (finally) gotten to the point where I can announce:

The Austin Chapter of SIAM is proud to host the 3rd annual Texas Applied Mathematics Meeting for Students (TAMMS) on March 27–28th. Attendees will have an opportunity both to present their own research and to meet fellow students from other Texas institutions. Though targeted at SIAM members, this meeting is open to anyone with a mathematical leaning. Please see http://www.ices.utexas.edu/siam for more details.
Compared to the last time I wrote about the site, I've gotten the back button and search engine problems fixed. Or, I've got the back button working fine on Firefox. I'm unsure if dojo.back can be made to work on IE. Though not perfect, the site is usable sans JavaScript. I spent some time looking at a reCaptcha/PHP-based contact form but opted to forgo the contact form in the end.

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