21 August 2007

50 things my wife would not do on a job

My wife was digging through some old paperwork and found a career counseling exercise she did about five years ago. The prompt was "name 50 things you would not do on a job." I love her ability to brainstorm, especially in career guidance-like situations. Check out number forty-four...

  1. Sit and use a computer all day
  2. Cut down trees
  3. Play any sport
  4. Clean windows on a sky scraper
  5. Cut and color hair
  6. Install electrical equipment
  7. Fix any cars
  8. Teach math
  9. Collect money at a tollbooth
  10. Collect garbage
  11. Typing all dialog in a court room
  12. Test makeup products on animals
  13. Operate on someone
  14. Feed and clean up after animals at the zoo
  15. Write people speeding tickets, parking tickets, etc.
  16. Knit
  17. Commentate for sports events
  18. Call people's homes and try to sell them things
  19. Mow lawns
  20. Fly an airplane
  21. Ride a tractor
  22. Fix traffic lights
  23. Sell food in the stands at sporting events
  24. Paint houses
  25. Fix toilets
  26. Shovel snow
  27. Climb a mountain
  28. Save someone from a shark
  29. Wax bikini lines, legs, upper lips, eye brows, etc.
  30. Crack someone's back
  31. Try out new medications
  32. Sew clothing
  33. Print newspapers
  34. Deliver mail all day
  35. Fix roofing
  36. Build furniture
  37. Give people manicures or pedicures
  38. Drive public transportation
  39. Be a mascot for a team
  40. Walk a tight rope
  41. Coach any sport
  42. Flip burgers at a fast food restaurant
  43. Check people for lice
  44. Put make up on dead people
  45. Pass laws in the senate
  46. Kill animals for food
  47. Patrol the ghetto
  48. Check people for STDs
  49. Dance at a strip club
  50. Give people bad news about their health

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