24 May 2009

le semaine prochaine avec mes parents


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...and back again

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18 May 2009

Master's degree and a third patent grant

Nice week all in all. I finished an M.S. in Computational and Applied Mathematics which has been four semesters in the making.

Longer than that in process, though markedly less work, was getting my third patent grant US 7,532,617:

A method, apparatus, and computer instructions are provided for a session initiation protocol application design, development, execution, and integration. A framework with a framework controller, an application data object, transition handlers, precondition handlers and post condition handlers is provided. When a message is received in a SIP application, the framework controller determines a state of application and parses the message to update application data by using corresponding handlers. The handlers for each state are specified in an input markup language model defined by a user externally via a Web service accessible component.

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