06 December 2012

Announcing the ESIO library

I've just publicly released a scientific library called ESIO used to generate the results I've recently presented.  ESIO has been used broadly within my research group and I consider it production-ready. 

ESIO simplifies getting high throughput input and output of structured data sets using parallel HDF5. The library is written in C99 and may be used by C89 or C++ applications. A Fortran API built atop the F2003 standard ISO_C_BINDING is also available.  ESIO is LGPL software and is available from https://red.ices.utexas.edu/projects/esio/wiki.

In particular, ESIO provides:

  • Distributed IO of 1D lines, 2D planes, and 3D fields of data
  • Support for scalar-, complex-, and vector-valued data
  • Single and double precision floating point storage
  • A mechanism for storing both string and numeric metadata
  • Support for contiguous and strided in-memory data
  • Support to simplify writing restart file sequences
  • A handy esio_bench utility for performance benchmarking
  • A comprehensive regression suite
I am long, long overdue on creating a paper introducing ESIO.

APS DFD 2012 Talk Slides

Here are the slides from the talk I gave at APS DFD 2012 just before Thanksgiving:
Turbulence statistics with quantified uncertainty in cold-wall supersonic channel flow

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