26 April 2009

Relatively recently...

  • ...Michelle had some ankle surgery. She's doing well.
  • ...I saw rms speak on U.T.'s campus about copyright law, where, among other things, he made the case that IP is an overgeneralization. Still digesting that.
  • ...Michelle and I watched Cashback (excellent, too much skin though) and Special (excellent).
  • ...I failed miserably at getting a simple, 1-D version of Durbin's V2F model working on a turbulent channel flow.
  • ...despite it always being an obvious first choice, I keep forgetting to try to use geometric Brownian motion in my probability theory homework.
  • ...I quit letting scope creep into the reading list for my turbulence term paper.
  • ...I realized just how hard it is to achieve meaningful functional and system verification testing work, even when you as a tester understand the application and the underlying technology fairly well.

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