13 August 2013

The obligatory XMonad configuration post

Since I've been loving XMonad for the past several months on a 2-up desktop and a 1-up laptop, here's the obligatory personal XMonad configuration post:

General comments:

  1. This started from the vanilla, session-manager-aware Fedora XMonad configuration.
  2. The Windows key is the modifier.
  3. The default dmenu_run key, mod-p, interferes with some monitor-swapping hotkey on Ubuntu. Hence the second keymapping.
  4. Toggling maximization in one keypress has been handy.
  5. I like the mod+arrow combinations better than the suggested CycleWS ones. Rather than moving through a bunch of empty workspaces, these permit you to just move through workspaces with windows and to get a clean workspace with a single keypress. Much thanks to Marshall Lochbaum and Brandon Allbery for chiming in on the XMonad mailing list with the followTo implementation.
  6. The prev/next screen items permit throwing windows back and forth when 2-up.
  7. I find the REFLECTX binding handy when 2-up to push the non-main chat window off to the leftmost monitor position.
  8. Layout.Tabbed's simpleTabbed is additionally available as a layout option.
  9. New windows spawn outside the master pane with the master window keeping focus.

Please drop a comment if you happen to find anything useful or want to contribute a tweak.

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