18 November 2010

Imminent (but probably dizzy) bundle o' joy

My wife amazes me most days. Today especially.

The bump's our son. He should be arriving in the next three to seven weeks.

12 November 2010

GNU Parallel

I discovered GNU Parallel today.  Phenomenal.  Especially for simple post processing on multicore systems.  Watch the video-- it is quite good.  Here are three sample commands taken from a bash script where $1 is set to be a particular prefix...

parallel --eta -j +0 ./gnuplot.sh -g -F {} $1.r???? ::: `seq 1 8`
Runs a custom gnuplot-based shell script eight times against a file glob.  Each time provide a different argument in the  set {1,2,...,7,8}.  The results are stored as $1.f1.gif, $1.f2.gif, etc.
ls -1 $1.r???? | parallel --eta -j +0 'montage -geometry 1280x960 -tile 4x2 {}.f?.gif {}.miff'
Create a tiled montage of the eight output files mentioned above and store the result in $1.miff.
ls -1 $1.r???? | parallel --eta -j +0 'convert {}.miff {}.gif'
Convert the resulting MIFFs into GIFs.

I win.  On my system, 8 - 0.

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