15 July 2010

Wireless tunes on the bike

I'm quite stoked about combining three new toys:
  1. BlueAnt's F4 Interphone Bluetooth helmet communication system
  2. Sony's TMR-BT8IP Bluetooth iPod transmitter
  3. HJC's IS-16 helmet
I've tried out the first two (to Kids of the K Hole no less, an excellent escapist riding anthem) and am supremely impressed.  It'll be nice to not be tethered to the tankbag by a huge, flaky PS/2 cable a la my klunkotronic Chatterbox GMRS X1.

I can't speak to mounting the Interphone's helmet speakers since the new HJC hasn't arrived yet, but the mounting hardware BlueAnt provided looks solid.  Also no verdict yet on the intercom functionality, but the full duplex sound should be a welcome improvement compared to the GMRS X1 (unless Pauly abuses said duplex connection by singing along to decidedly non-escapist anthems).

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The helmet arrived today. The IS-16 and the F4 Interphone go together like a dream. The mounting hardware is perfect, the ear pockets are deep enough, and the microphone can be tucked around the cheek pads without any trouble whatsoever.

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