01 July 2009

Skateboarding (Injury)

Eight days ago I purchased a skateboard at the age of 27. Three days ago I fell at Mabel Davis park at the age of 27. I messed up an elbow badly enough that I've been in a sling for several days now. I see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning to figure out why I cannot straighten my right arm completely. No harm though, I can still type and use a mouse.

I'm primarily annoyed that I can't roll around again until this injury is healed. I'm awful at the sport, but damn it is fun stuff. Behold shameless YouTubage of the guy who's name is on the bottom of my deck:

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Pavel Holoborodko said...

I bought my roller skates at the age of 29 and don't regret. It is tough at the beginning but gets better with practice. So, don’t give up!

Maybe we should found a club of Geeks-On-The–Wheels or something.

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