18 April 2008


Shuffle puts Toots and the Maytals Alidina into my head about once every two months. It always sticks there for at least a week. No one can sing the eternal lyric "yeah" like Toots:

Alidina, go out and do the work
alright alright

Alidina, lazy lazy
Alidina, crazy crazy
Alidina, go on and do the work

Just the week before last week I saw you
standing out at the mother's corner looking inside
and you alidina, want to do the work
alright alright

Just the day before yesterday I saw you
walking on the long train line, doing nothing
and you, Alidina, want to do the work
alright alright
Of course I can't find an online source for the song besides Amazon's preview at Last.fm. No "yeah" lyrics in that though. Figures.

Also recently stuck for more than several days were Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkmen and, for the sheer purpose of embarrassing me when I forgot myself and hummed it, the Muppet version of the Fraggle Rock theme song.

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