09 November 2007

Helicopters, damaging tendencies, make send-thanks

Random stuff I've gotten a grin from over the past week...

I'm not one for black helicopter paranoia but apparently it's common enough to warrant announcements:

Tomorrow afternoon ... a group of helicopters will be practicing for their flyover at the DKR stadium during this weekend's football game. . . . Campus Safety and Security is providing this advance notice to faculty, staff, and students so they may be aware and, hopefully, unalarmed at the helicopters' presence.
Evil paraphrase: Ignore the black helicopters flying over campus—they're just practicing so they can be effective during large public events.

While covering design optimization in a class, the professor showed us a slide about shape optimization in a particular biomedical device. It included the line

Design challenge: overcome tendency to damage red blood cells

Lastly, from the release notes of the libFLAME library:

Thank us!

We are very insecure people. So, if you like the libraries and find them useful, send us a message! We even make it easy. In the top-level directory of the libflame distribution, execute:

    make send-thanks

This will automatically e-mail us a message!

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