10 July 2007

Running jslint against many files in the Windows CLI

As much as I like some of the newer dojo-friendly Eclipse-based JavaScript+HTML+CSS IDEs like Aptana and Eclipse ATF, they all seem to barf on my JavaScript+JSP+JSTL+Portlet taglib source. Using the web-based JSLint JavaScript Verifier directly definitely works better, but there's only so many times I'm willing to copy and paste code into a browser when hunting down problems. There are some folks that have talked about validating within Ant builds but my development team is on a pre-1.6 copy of Ant which makes putting the pieces together a bit troublesome. It's pretty straightforward to run JSLint from the command line with Rhino but it's not well suited to running against a directory of files at once.

After some messing around with Windows XP batch files I got a useful little utility working. Once you download Rhino into a RHINO_HOME directory along with a copy of jslint.js, you can use this little batch file to run JSLint against many files at the same time:

@echo off
rem Windows batch file to run jslint on a collection of JavaScript files
rem see http://agentzlerich.blogspot.com/2007/07/running-jslint-against-many-files-in.html
rem for original post

rem To use, download Rhino from http://www.mozilla.org/rhino/
rem and uncompress it in a folder.  Set RHINO_HOME environment
rem variable to point to the folder.  Download JavaScript Lint (jslint)
rem from http://www.jslint.com/rhino/index.html and place it into
rem RHINO_HOME.  Ensure JAVA_HOME points to your JRE

if "%RHINO_HOME%"=="" goto rhinoHomeNotSet
if "%JAVA_HOME%"=="" goto javaHomeNotSet
if "%1"=="" goto noJavaScriptFilesSpecified

rem N.B. next line is wrapped!
for %%f in (%*) do echo. & echo Processing %%f & "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java" -classpath "%RHINO_HOME%\js.jar" org.mozilla.javascript.tools.shell.Main "%RHINO_HOME%\jslint.js" %%f
exit /b %ERRORLEVEL%;

echo No JavaScript files were specified as parameters. Exiting.
exit /b 0

echo Variable RHINO_HOME is not set! Aborting.
exit /b 1

echo Variable JAVA_HOME is not set! Aborting.
exit /b 1


Anonymous said...

Aptana actually uses the JSLint you are referring to, and under Rhino as well.

You might want to post your issue to our bug database at http://www.aptana.com/trac so we can check it out.


R Zlerich said...

The Aptana highlighting problems I usually hit are because my JavaScript source uses JSTL and portlet taglib constructs like <portlet:namespace/> and <fmt:message/> which do nasty things to JSLint. Our particular application also doesn't add dojo libraries into our WAR module until the late stages of our build. Both situations together fall enough outside Aptana usecases that its Eclipse validators get about 30% of the way through a JSP file before dying.

I don't mean the post as a complaint about JSLint+Rhino inside Aptana (which does work very well). I've clarified the "barfing" line to include that I'm using JSPs and portlet tags.

Thank you for the feedback.

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