13 October 2007

Roland Satterwhite's Improvisation #1 from Ptolemy's Guitar

I've got the bad habit of browsing del.icio.us/popular-- it's the ultimate procrastination tool. Well, it or Laughing Squid. Sometimes truely great things turn up, which is why this is an awful self-reenforcing habit.

Recently Andrew Sloat's 22nd Amendment video surfaced. Sloat's work is an amazing mix of video and typography, but it's the underlying music that makes it pop for me. Completely ignoring everyone's politics, 22nd Amendment's music is just phenomenal.

Sloat used a song called Improvisation #1 from Roland Satterwhite's freely available album Ptolemy's Guitar. There are other instrumental-only works on the album, but #1 catches me the most.

Satterwhite's violin in that composition is just beautiful. I'll admit that I am fiending for that particular sound— Radiohead's new album In Rainbows, though good, just doesn't have the same cold, crisp, richness that was Kid A.

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