05 October 2007

Armadillos, Leprosy, The Clash, and Rock the Casbah

At a Star Franchise Association conference in San Antonio this week, I had the chance (priviledge?) to race armadillos. I'd mainly only seen them as roadkill (which turns out to have a very good explanation because these suckers jump when they're scared). My wife mentioned this to a friend, who decided to freak her out by telling her that armadillos carry leprosy. Which apparently they do.

It also turns out that The Clash used an armadillo in their song Rock the Casbah. Small world, they also shot the video in Austin, Texas which explains where they got the little critter to begin with.

If you watch closely, proto-downtown Austin appears in the distance at least once. The capitol dome is clearly visible. Man, things have definitely changed here and continue to change.

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