23 July 2010

Glam Shot

Today at LLNL I was involved in some photos for a story on the summer students at ISCR:

Daniel from Ghana, Hilary from Dallas, and me
The screen images are from the 2D WENO-based code I've been revising to investigate RANS modeling of Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities with Dr. Oleg Schilling. As a bit of nerd sniping, I made sure Trac, VIM's NERD tree, and some Mathematica reproducing classic results from Roe's JCP 1981 paper were clearly visible.

Unrelated, today I also had a couple of beers with Ondřej Čertík of sympy and theoretical physics fame. Unbelievably swell guy— easily one of the smartest one or two people with whom I've ever shared a brew.

Update: Entertainingly, in the related story the lab released, the caption shows me as a "Livermore scientist".

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