19 March 2009

TAMMS 2009 Speakers

I just accepted the final student speaker for the 2009 Texas Applied Mathematics Meeting for Students. I'm very happy with the breadth of schools and topics we'll have at the conference. Here are the talk titles firmly on the schedule:

NameUniversityTalk Title
Yulia HristovaTexas A&M UniversityTime reversal in thermoacoustic tomography - an error estimate
Anthony R. KellemsRice UniversityDimension Reduction Techniques that Capture Nonlinear Behavior of Morphologically Accurate Neuronal Models
Linh NguyenTexas A&M UniversityOn singularities and instability of reconstruction in thermoacoustic tomography
Yan LITexas A&M UniversityLocal-Global Upscaling of Flow and Transport in heterogeneous porous media
Ryan NongRice University Numerical Solutions of Matrix Equations Arising in Dimension Reduction for Linear-Time-Invariant Systems in the Large-Scale Setting
Jay RaolRice UniversityUsing Fast Activating Voltage Sensitive Calcium Channels as Voltage Sensors
Moritz AllmarasTexas A&M UniversityUltrasound Modulated Optical Tomography: Reconstructions for a Differential Model
Sean HardestyRice UniversityOptimization of Shell Structure Acoustics
Dimitar TrenevTexas A&M UniversityApproximating solutions of infinite domain Laplace and Helmholtz problems
Robert RosenbaumUniversity of HoustonCorrelation Propagation in Networks of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons

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