02 November 2008

Two more of my IBM patent applications published

I just noticed that these two patent applications just appeared publicly...

(20080198748) System and Method for Burst Traffic Smoothing for SIP Processing Elements
A system and method for burst traffic smoothing for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) processing elements are provided. A dispatch queue management engine determines whether a received packet is a TCP or UDP packet. If the packet is a TCP packet, the packet is automatically added to the dispatch queue. If the packet is a UDP packet, a value for a drop function f is generated and a random or pseudo-random number r is generated. If r has a predetermined relationship to f, then the UDP packet is added to the dispatch queue, otherwise the UDP packet is discarded. The value for f is based on the current dispatch queue load, the network quality, the retransmission rate, and the allowable drop rate. Thus, the determination as to whether to drop UDP packets or not is configurable by an administrator and also adaptable to the current network and dispatch queue conditions.
(20080229245) Multiple Sorting of Columns in a Displayed Table in a User Interactive Computer Display Interface Through Sequential Radial Menus
Multi-sorting of displayed columns representative of a tabular display is carried out by displaying a table of a plurality of columns, selectively displaying a first radial menu having a plurality of sectors, each sector representative of one of the plurality of columns, enabling a user to select one of the sectors, and responsive to a user selection of a sector for displaying a second radial menu of the plurality of sectors wherein the selected one sector is disabled, e.g. eliminated. This is continued through a sequence of subsequent radial menus until the user has selected the intended set of sequential columns for the multiple sorting.
The second one, because I worked with a friend whose last name starts with a W, is probably the first (and only) application where I'll ever see 'Ulerich et al.'

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