07 January 2008

Vacation Shorts

A small collection of short videos taken while on vacation with Michelle. When happy or hyperactive, she can be hilarious to watch.

Give Me Spinning

Taken shortly after New Year's while visiting a friend in Santa Cruz, we stopped at a park. It was raining, windy, and getting nastier. Straight from the car, Michelle took off frolicking:

Eating Donuts in College Station

Taken while on a Nutcracker Bon-Bon audition trip to College Station, TX, we stopped at a donut shop one morning. Notice the 2 and a 1/2 step donut eating maneuver, and the huge grin she gets once the bite is safely performed:

Poo on Your Jeans

Taken outside some of the bigger museums in Amsterdam, Michelle calmly notices that I've got dog crap all over my left pant leg:

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Erik Burckart said...

Hey man...I just stumbled upon your blog when looking at the gilfix blog. I enjoyed it, I will put your blog permanently in my reader. I like the fact that you are chronicling so many odd moments shared with Michelle here..funny stuff. If I had a video of this picture from our time in Bermuda, this moment would fit well:

I am hoping this is the best way for me to keep up with y'all ;-) Take care!

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