10 September 2007

Raw egg topping on ice cream

The Internet has failed me.

In a conversation at the dinner table, the subject of weird ice cream toppings came up. I volunteered that one particularly weird topping is raw egg.

My wife looked at me like I was crazy. Explaining that, when whisked and frozen by placing it atop very cold vanilla ice cream, raw egg tastes something like caramel didn't seem to convince her.

I declared that the Internet would confirm that I wasn't making it up. And I searched. Though I found lots of information about whether using raw egg in ice cream recipes was safe, I found zilch on using raw egg as a topping.

I heard about it when I was in high school; I've tried the concoction several times with successful results. Hints: lots of whisking, cold ice cream, drizzle so it is a thin shell over the ice cream's surface. Don't try it if you're very young, very old, have a weak immune system, or take those drugs listed in all of the nasty interaction parts of TV commercials.

Can anyone confirm that I didn't make this up, and that there's some sort of a source for this recipe?

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